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man at library reading a book sitting in a wheelchair

Our Mission

To increase community inclusion, safety and dignity for individuals with disabilities and medical complexities so that each person can live their life to the fullest, and our communities can benefit from the talents and contributions of all.

accessible restroom with universal changing table and personal lift/hoist

Advocating for Equitable Spaces

Traditional restrooms do not serve the needs of our diverse community. In order to meet everyone's needs, it is essential to have  Family/Companion Care restrooms with the proper equipment.

man in water wheelchair wheeling down a ramp into a swimming pool

Sponsoring Adaptive Equipment

Too often individuals with disabilities are left out of our community events and activities due to a lack of equipment that would make inclusion possible.

Boy Playing with Blocks

Start a Fundraiser

Do you feel left out due to a lack of accessibility in your community? Ready to take action? Contact us to organize a fundraiser to make your community spaces more inclusive! 

Image by henry perks

Mapping Accessible Locations

As businesses and government organizations update their restroom facilities to become more inclusive, we will add their location to our map of accessible places. 

a team of people put their hands together

Creating  Inclusive Communities 

By providing accommodations, our communities can be safe and inclusive for all.  

Our communities are not whole until EVERYONE is included. 
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